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The life.

Li fe is about teaching and learning.

It takes time to learn and also unlearn what you learned.

Today was an intresting day to have an opportunity to learn and also unlearn what i learned some time.

Have a good time as you learn and unlearn what you have learned.


Back to Africa

Hello colleagues, apparently this blog is not visited that often, not even by the contributors. What is lacking is new input and commentary on contributions. I think it is useless to keep if not utilised … very discouraging… any idea how we can actively get involved? How can we commit ourselves?

Aside from the above complaint, things are moving forward, and so am I. Our efforts are paying off. The MoUs between Unis Kinshasa, Mbarara, Kyambogo, Kenyatta and Cologne have been signed.

One of our partners received funding for a project we all hope to participate in and benefit. Let us use this platform to share this knowledge and expertise.

Justine (right now in Addis Ababa)